Affiliate Marketing in A Modern Age of Filial Piety

When Confucianism in Modern Society Is Guiding Society Forward

by Daixin Neill-Quan

Confucius says, Ziyue, “Knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, that is the wisdom. (Zhizhiweizhizhi, buzhiweibuzhi, shizhiye.)” (The Analects, Confucius, Confucianism).

Knowledge in science and technology like intellect of social science studies in a university academic setting is systematic, in-depth, advanced, cutting-edge, and profound. Knowledge is only valid in concept when it is true, correct, and informative. Otherwise, knowledge in void of fundaments of worth is in an absence of value and usage. Devoid of purpose, knowledge is of peril or even threat towards development of society economy supporting the survivability of general population of a country or the world.

A common and highly valued modern principle in society development is that time is money, but money cannot buy time. In situations where individuals or community in society could be at risk such as involvement of natural disaster, economic crisis of society or family, society safety anomaly, and public safety concerning situations, timely actions to control a crisis situation for prevention of out-of-hand developments in society orders would mean everything to the improvement of a situation for members of society.

Society is a community shared by a large population of human families and individuals.

To be continued…